From 160 € per 300 meters for woven ribbon.


We produce custom woven ribbon. The price is from 160 € per 300 meters of woven ribbon.

The amount of woven ribbon is inversely proportional to the size of ribbon : For example, at a width of 10 x 210 mm (for a pattern picture), there will be 300 meters of ribbons for 160 € (excluding shipping).

Shipping costs

  • DHL fast delivery (4-5 days) : 30 €


How to order?

  1. Send us your artwork, specifying sizes and quantities.
  2. We realize a test and send you the photo via email for confirmation.
  3. If the test does not meet your expectations, send us your comments and we will make further tests with corrections.
  4. If you are satisfied with the test, you can order your labels and we will send them with the carrier you choose. It takes about 10 days to create labels after receipt of payment.

Prices are negotiable for larger quantities.

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